Regional Inspectorate of Education – Silistra

Regional Inspectorate of Education – Silistra


The Regional Inspectorates of Education – Silistra is one of the 28 territorial administrations of the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria.

The Regional Inspectorates of Education has to implement the state policy in 49 schools and 27 kindergardens placed in the region of Silistra.

It has to manage, control and analyse principals and teachers’ work, students’ results measured through external exams at the end 4th, 7th, 8th grade and national mutricultural exams at the 12th grade.

The Regional Inspectorates of Education has to create different opportunities for teachers’ development according to their needs as professionals in order to obtain pedagogical support which will enhance their skills to create positive and supporting learning environment and to increase students’ resilience against difficulties.

The ethnic diversity which is typical for the region of Silistra (57 % Bulgarian, 36 % Turkish, 5 % Gypcies) brings the interdisciplinary and the early school leaving theme among identified as a problematic at approximately ¼ of the school in the region. That is why RIE is interested in and looking for programs and projects - national and European focused on developing policies which contribute:

to create learning environments that foster equity and inclusion, where disadvantaged learners receive the support they need to succeed and feel respected and valued and can combine their traditional cultures with modern success factors;


to improve teachers’ understanding and knowledge through teacher training programmes that correspond to their needs to be tailored with skills to support students’ development, identify and redress concrete difficulties experienced by students at risk of early school leaving and of social exclusion.


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