Center for Creative Training Association

Center for Creative Training Association (CCTA)

is a non-profit organisation, established in 2008 with the aim to work for a change in the field of education and training – a change to practical education that effectively masters key competencies and helps learners to enhance their potential for successful professional and social realization. CCTA successfully cooperates with the Ministry of Education and its Regional Inspectorates, Sofia Municipality and local authorities in other regions of the country, the Institute for Psychology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and many other organisations. CCTA’s activities are focused on lifelong learning and youth activities. Among the core activities of the associations are:

Teacher trainings: for the period 2012–2014 CCTA has conducted face to face trainings on different topics for more than 2500 teachers. Among the training topics are: Design and Deployment of ICT infrastructure; Interactive methods in classroom teaching; Connected classrooms and others;

Analysis and consultancy of ICT deployment and resource exploitation to kindergartens and schools; Guiding school management as well as teachers on how to implement cloud based services;

Supporting implementation of Google and Microsoft solutions for education;

International cooperation to support implementation of ET2020 goals in Bulgaria;

Coordination and partnering in international cooperation projects, supported by EC under LLP and Erasmus+ programs. Among these are: “Teamwork, Training and Technology Network”, related to making STEM education more popular and appealing for the students. The partnership consist of 11 organisations form 8 countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Russian Federation);

In this current project, the role of CCTA will lead the activities, connected to the quality assurance, as well as the dissemination and exploitation of the results. CCTA will take leading role in the phases of implementations where international know-how will be harvested to complete the EMPAQT research activities. CCTA will also grant access to its network of schools and will provide the partnership with strong ICT support and process facilitation.



Тhe project EMPAQT (ref. No 564547-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD) is implemented with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 3: Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects. The texts on this website reflect only the views of their authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.