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Project Aims

The EMPAQT project will pioneer an innovative training program for teachers engaged in school education, which is aimed to contribute to introducing inclusive pedagogies in European schools as an approach for tackling the Early School Leaving (ESL). The expected impact from the project implementation will be: raised motivation for learning, basic career orientation and reduced risk from premature drop-out from school for the students, and improved professional qualification for the teachers.


The overall aim of the project EMPAQT is to contribute to creation of school environments that foster equity and inclusion, where disadvantaged learners receive support they need to succeed and feel respected and valued. To achieve this aim the project endeavours to set up a teachers’ training program, tailored to build up educators’ skills for supporting students’ personal development, for identifying and redressing concrete difficulties experienced by students at risk of ESL and of social exclusion.


The policy approach chosen by the EMPAQT partners is people-focused. On one hand, the project addresses the needs of the teachers as professionals to obtain pedagogical support, which will enhance their skills for creating of positive and supporting learning environment and for increasing students’ resilience against difficulties. The project outputs allow teachers to master skills for coaching and for providing early career orientation to students as part of the measures for building youngsters’ positive attitude towards education and professional realization. On the other hand, the project addresses the young people in disadvantaged situation who need support and coaching for constructing positive self-concept, setting realistic personal goals and for building strategies for achieving well-being through education and professional realisation.


Project Objectives

To define teachers’ methodological needs in mastering communication and coaching skills for diversity management in the classroom and for intervention to tackling ESL;

To conduct a survey among students from diverse backgrounds to determine their levels of trust to the persons in school and their proneness for interaction on personal issues and challenges they face;

To carry out research on suitable intervention models for creating supportive education environment and preventing the ESL;

To develop a specialised EMPAQT training course for teachers and other school specialists, implementing innovation to a holistic approach in which the classroom piloting becomes part of the teacher training;

To test the training among teachers and other school specialists in the partner countries and to implement quality assurance activities for improving the course’s structure and contents;

To organise EMPAQT International Conference, dedicated to discussion on polices and practices for increasing the quality and efficiency of the education and tackling ESL through systematic approach to the improvement of teachers’ professional skills;

To disseminate project activities and outcomes and to ensure their maximum visibility and impact;

To communicate the project results to relevant stakeholders on national and European level for further exploitation of the outcomes and impact on the European educational policy agenda.

Тhe project EMPAQT (ref. No 564547-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD) is implemented with the support of the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 3: Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects. The texts on this website reflect only the views of their authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.